Special Needs (For Children with Special Needs)

We have set a mark in the concept of integration by achieving 100 special children all under one roof at one time gaining the benefit of academics as well as therapies and socializing along with the normal students.

At The Shiishyaa School, we believe everyone has the right to learn and that inside everyone there is a dormant love for learning, which needs to be woken up.

And so Shiishyaa has an education centre specially created for children with special needs. As they have difficulty in processing information the usual way through our senses such as sound, sight and smell. We don't let this lifelong disability affect a child's life and love for learning.

We accommodate children with learning Disability---Border line cases of Autism and CP.
At Shiishyaa, sensitivity towards specific needs of special children is definitely cherished and built upon. Spreading awareness among parents is also done regularly with frequent interactions with specially trained and highly motivated teachers. Shiishyaa’s students include children with special needs such as children with autism, Down’s syndrome, Asperser’s, Attention deficit, Depression, Anxiety, and children who have other social and emotional learning differences.

Facilities provided:
• 1:3 ratio
• Personal attention
• Occupational Therapy
• Animal Therapy
• Physio Therapy
• Music Therapy
• Behavioural Therapy
• Counselling from time to time
• Academics
• Sports
• Annual Medical check up

Why Us

The characteristics of children with special needs may vary from child to child and can be generally divided into three main groups, which are:

• Difficulty with social communication
• Difficulty with social interaction
• Difficulty with social imagination

Children with special needs have difficulties both with verbal and non-verbal language. Many have a literal understanding of language, and think people always mean exactly what they say. They find it difficult to use or understand facial expressions or the tone of a person's voice; they cannot appreciate humour in jokes and unfortunately cannot detect sarcasm.


To see that no disease or disability can reduce one's love for learning.


To provide to the children with special needs a comprehensive educational program that is intensive, specially designed and scientifically validated.