Advantage - Shiishyaa

Passionate, dedicated, caring and extremely qualified staff
An atmosphere that inspires the Love for Learning
First pre-primary school in Wakad with X-Seed curriculum
Our thorough understanding of children
Clean and hygienic environment


The Shiishyaa School is different and offers the following:

For Students

A lot of space for the children to play and learn, the school is spread across 10,000 sq. ft. with a well-managed helpdesk for instant inward and outward communication
CBSE curriculum with X-Seed, an innovative and proven way of teaching
A well-equipped library and computer laboratory
Highly qualified and experienced staff
Transport facility
Doctors on call
Medical checkups (pediatric, dental and ophthalmic) with our health program partners Oyster N Pearl Hospital
Making Learning a Lovely Experience

  • The best forms of learning – through poems, songs, story-telling, puppet shows, fireless cooking, nursery rhymes, and many more
  • Music, yoga, gardening, art and craft are part of the curriculum
  • Sand-pit and water play area - well managed, hygienic and under proper supervision
Well equipped classrooms with the latest books and best toys
Ways of enhancing fine motor skills, language skills, general knowledge, motor-perception development skills and IQ
Tree plantation drives to increase awareness of the Go-green concept
Preparations for high-school interviews with mock interviews
Field trips for real life experiences

For Parents

Regular parent-teacher meetings and special parent-child interaction programs

Sponsored Yoga programme by Shri. Ramkumarji Rathi supported by Rathi foundation. Yoga Initiative and Chiranjiv foundation (Mrs. Sunanda Rathi) daily programme conducted for special and primary school children.